Bokashi Dry compost starter bran - 1 kg

Bokashi Dry compost starter bran - 1 kgBokashi Dry compost starter bran - 1 kg
Bokashi Dry compost starter bran - 1 kgBokashi Dry compost starter bran - 1 kgBokashi Dry compost starter bran - 1 kg

Fermented wheat bran for composting organic material.

Starter culture for organic household waste, especially recommended for the Recycle Mini kitchen composter.

Made in: Slovenia
Packaging: 1 kg
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Product description
"Bokashi" in Japanase means "fermented organic matter". It is a traditional matter to increase biological activity, that has been used for centuries, for example in composting.

Bokashi is a compost starter, that uses the biological work of effective microorganisms, that makes anaerob composting of organic materials possible. Bokashi is a product that contains pure plant based ingredients mixed with effective microorganisms. We recommend this to use in the Recycle mini composter.
How to use? It can be used to anaerob compost any organic matter, especially in the  Recycle Mini kitchen composter.
Storage: Room temperature.
It is accepted in organic farming.
Bokashi is:

• safe, eco-friendly, healthy,
• free from GMO,
• manufactured biologically, and according to strict hygenic and quality protocol,
• sweet/sour scented,
• granulated,
• light brown composting starter,
• not for human consumption.
This is a mixture of bran mixed with molasses (sugar and water), enriched with useful microorganisms (lactic acid bacteria, yeasts, photosynthetic organisms, enzymatic active fungi), which initiates the fermentation process and prevents the rotting of waste in the Bokashi Organko composter.
After completing the fermentation process, all important nutrients (especially nitrogen) that are lost in rotting are retained by biological waste. Fermented waste is the basis for first class compost.
It can be used for:
  • biological waste
  • composting
  • fertilisation
  • soil improvement
  • as an agent for the hygienisation of a septic tank
Advantages of using bran:
  • Prevents unpleasant odours from a biological composter.
  • Prevents rotting and thus stores a lot of nutrients, antioxidants, minerals in the compost.
  • Prevents the formation of greenhouse gases. Active microorganisms in the spread will process all harmful substances, such as pesticides and other poisons, into element that do not represent a risk to your health.
  • Composting prevents the formation of high temperatures and creates fermentation. If you add bran directly to the composter, you do not need to aerate or turn over the compost pile.
  • By using it, a fermentation process is created in the composter or on the compost. Fermented bio-waste is the basis for first-class compost. The fermentation liquid obtained can be used as a natural fertiliser or spray for our flowers and other garden plants.
  • The use of bran will ensure abundant, healthy and good harvest with a full flavour.
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More information

Ingredients: Organic plant substrate (wheat bran), water, organic sugar cane molasses, clay minerals, rock flour, EM-ceramic powder and SCD microorganisms.

Environmental information


Metal-plastic bag, can't be recycled!

Environmental advantages:

Composting is great for several reasons. Organic matter (that makes up 30-35 % of household waste) stays in place, without any transporting, it doesn't get to the landfills and doesn't get burnt in a waste incineration plant. In addition, composting provides nutrition to the soil, so it will nourish your garden without energy wasting and harmful artificial manures.