Paper seed starting pot

Paper seed starting potPaper seed starting pot

Planting pot made of recycled paper.

It endures the watering during planting, but you it can be put in the soil in its terminated place. The plant will break through the walls early. The pot degrades in weeks in the soil.

Size: 6,5 * 6,5 cm / 4*4 cm / 7 cm

1 tray = 16 pot

Made in: Hungary
Packaging: 16 pcs
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Product description


Paper planting pot is an eco-friendly alternative to plastic ones, that is better for several reasons:

  • Bigger and stronger roots.
  • No turned back and "ball" roots.
  • It can be planted in the soil with the pot, and it protects it for a while.
  • No replanting shock.
  • Plants can be replanted at any stage according to the outside conditions, so plant growing can be shorter.
  • If you are putting out flowering plants, the flowers will stay. The roots can carry on rooting after they broke trough the walls.
  • Because of the protected roots, the enduring plants are almost 100%.
  • Strong roots will get  deeper in the soil, so it will be able to get its nutrients better. It tolerates dry and windy weather and diseases better.
  • In case of excessive raining, it can use washed down nutrients too.
  • Less work when planting out.
  • When replanting, the soil and nutrients that you added won't get lost by spreading.
  • Needs less watering.
  • Can be machined.



What does 10% waterproof mean?

Suitable for plant growing. Maximal planting time: 4-8 weeks. After this time the pot starts to degrade.

What does 100% water proof mean?

It is suitable for plants to be selled in the pot. Complete water proof effect is reached by a paraffine coating on the paper. The use of these is similar to plastic ones.

Technical information:

Constant wetness spoils the pot, but it endures the watering that is usual when growing plants, if it can dry between two watering.

Cellulose will start to break down after time. In this process, mold can appear on the surface of the pot. This are harmless to humans and the plant. Recommended to use growing tables, that ensure ventillation from under, and soil that has big air capacity for example turf and perlite mix.


10% water proof pots at the end of the growing cycle (4-8 weeks):



Are you interested buying in bulk for gardening?

Ask for reduced bid at the nagyker (at) zoldbolt (point) hu e-mail adress!

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Environmental information


Package-free product.

Environmental advantages:

100% biodegradable planting pot made of recycled paper, an eco-friendly alternative to plastic ones.

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