Redecker Flax Yarn

Redecker Flax YarnRedecker Flax Yarn
Redecker Flax YarnRedecker Flax Yarn

100% flax yarn in 3 colors!

Traditional yarn for household, kitchen, garden use, and packaging.

Biodegradable plastic-free solution! ;)

Manufacturer: Redecker
Made in: Germany
Packaging: 75 m
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Product description

Material: 100% flax.

Length: 75 m.

Made of flax fibers. Beautiful for packing gifts.

Redecker is a German family business founded in 1935.  Their high quality, all-natural, artisian brushes and other products are perfect for those who want to avoid plastic and try to achieve a zero waste lifestyle.

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Environmental information


Package-free product.

Environmental advantages:

Biodegradable, all-natural yarn, eco-friendly alternative of plastic products.

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