Organic seeds- Pepper - Sweet Palena

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Organic seeds- Pepper - Sweet PalenaOrganic seeds- Pepper - Sweet Palena
Organic seeds- Pepper - Sweet PalenaOrganic seeds- Pepper - Sweet Palena

Capsicum annuum

Long, sweet pepper, suitable for greenhouse and oudoor growing.

Manufacturer: ReinSaat
Made in: Austria
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Product description

Organic seed from the Pannon area, also long standing in Hungary. It will grow into prolific, healthy, resistant plants. You can use it in biodynamic farming, it's an open pollinating (non hybrid) type. This way you can collect and grow from your own seeds in the next years.

 Very long (25-30cm) Lamuyo type. Medium thick flesh of excellent taste; ripens from green to red. Develops a sweet flavour when the fruits are still green. Ideal for trellising using strings (2-3 shoots); distinguishes itself through an enormous growth.

Fruit weight: about 180-200 g.

Sowing: in a greenhouse from mid February to late March.

Plant outdoors from the second part of May, after the frost.

Proven resistances: tobacco mosaic virus (tobamovirus TMV P0, P1-2).

Thousand grain weight: 6.07 g

Portioning weight: 30 Seeds

Certified by: Biokontroll Hungária Nonprofit Kft.

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Environmental information


Paper bag. Please recycle after use!

Environmental advantages:

Open-pollinated (non-hybrid) organic landrace seed, so the seeds of the plant can be planted again. Of course all seeds are GMO-free.

Using these organic seeds contributes to the subsistence of our ecological seed supply, so we can grow healthy, tasteful vegetables in the future too.

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