Recobin OFFICE recycling bin

Recobin OFFICE recycling binRecobin OFFICE recycling bin
Recobin OFFICE recycling binRecobin OFFICE recycling binRecobin OFFICE recycling binRecobin OFFICE recycling binRecobin OFFICE recycling binRecobin OFFICE recycling binRecobin OFFICE recycling bin

Recobin OFFICE is made of recycled cardboard paper.

Staple, indoor recycling bin.

After its life-cycle it can be recycled too.

Made in: Hungary
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Product description

Recobin products are made of recycled materials, and they can be recycled again at the end of their lifecycle. Recobin OFFICE is recommended for medium-size homes, garages, office buildings, schools and other institutions. To avoid mix-ups, the bins come with waterproof lids labeled plastic, paper, glass, metal or trash. 

Model name: OFFICE
Volume: 60 liter
Material: 5 layered, strengthened cardboard.
Size: (on the top): 305 mm x 305 mm

Set contains:
1 Recobin recycling bin (recycled cardboard)
1 Recobin bin cap, with tags for plastic/mixed/glass/metal (recycled cardboard)
1 instruction
Packaging: 100% recycled PP bag - please use it again as a trash bag!

Square-based bin with separate body and cover at the top. No need for glue, because it has tabs for easy assembly.

English signs indicate the type of waste!

How to use?
The bin can collect plastic, paper, metal and mixed waste. Place Recobin OFFICE 80 liter bag into it. The bin isn't waterproof!

Indoors, at 10-25˚C-on, on 50-70% relative humidity. The manufacturer cannot be held responsible for inappropriate use!

Why is recycling important?

Collecting waste separately is the first and most important step of recycling, because if valuable secondary materials get into mixed waste, it is really hard to sort them out eco-friendly. Most of the time this means that useful materials end up in landfills or incineration plants, and never get used again. Human soicety produces huge amounts of waste, so we are responsible for eco-friendly waste treatment for our own sake and for the future as well. We cannot leave this dirty work for others!
Which types of waste can be recycled?
It depends on the supplier, which types of waste can be collected to recycle in your hometown. It is worth the time to ask them or read about it on their website.

Most recycling settlements collect these types: plastic bottle, green and brown glass bottles, manson jars, tetrapack boxes, yoghurt and margarine boxes, wrapping paper, office and copier paper, cardboard and newspapers.
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Environmental information


Recyclable PP plastic bag. Please reuse it as trash bag then recycle!

Environmental advantages:

Recycled cardboard recycling bin, that can be recycled too after its lifecycle. Recycling reduces the loading of landfills, and provides valuable raw materials for the industrial sector. This results in using less primary resources.