Equa bottle

Equa bottleEqua bottle

BPA, BPS and (ortho)phtalate-free, reusable plastic bottles.

Be eco-friendly, bring tap water with you! :)

Manufacturer: Equa
Made in: China
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Product description

Reusable EQUA bottles are BPA-free, and they have unique, fun and colorful patterns and shapes!

  • BPA & BPS-free

    BPA is a harmful chemical that can be found in traditional water bottles. BPA can react with the stored drink, that can lead to several health problems such as hormonal disorders, allergies and even prostate or breast cancer. BPA is often replaced by BPS, which is also a harmful material.
  • Free of Proposition 65 list materials

    Free of any harmful material, listed on the Proposition 65 list.
  • Dishwasher safe!

    You can put your EQUA bottle in the dishwasher with mild dishwashing.
  • Suitable for hot drinks!

    EQUA bottles are heat resistent up to 100 °C, so you can store tea, coffee or hot chocolate in them!

The team of EQUA donates 10% of their profit to organisations that are promoting green goals and eco-friendly lifestyle. When buying an EQUA bottle, you support the green movement of Europe!


400 ml - diameter: 6,5 cm; height: 19,5 cm
600 ml - diameter: 7,5 cm; height: 21,5 cm

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Environmental information


Recyclable PP plastic. Please recycle!

Environmental advantages:

Reusable and recyclable plastic bottle, that is free from BPA, it saves huge amount of plastic waste compared to diposable bottled water and soft drinks.