Equa Flow Bottle - Freeze

Equa Flow Bottle - FreezeEqua Flow Bottle - Freeze

Flow is a simple and minimalistic bottle, with geometric graphic prints.

Dynamic design and larger capacity. Especially great for active people.

High quality BPA-free plastic bottles made in Europe.

Be healthy, eco-friendly and active! By choosing this reusable bottle, you opt for less waste, and less harmful chemicals!

Manufacturer: Equa
Made in: Austria
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Product description

The new generation of EQUA bottles make getting hydrated a truly joyful experience.

The EQUA Flow bottle is larger and more complex than the previous ones, and it is especially great for active people.

Flow is the feeling you experience when exercising, when you are immersed in an activity, and this is what we wanted to embrace with the FLOW bottles.

The capacity of the FLOW Freeze bottle: 800 ml

The pack contains: 1 bottle.

Important! Unlike the other bottles in the Flow collection, the Freeze bottle is a solo model, which means there's no additional smoothie cap in the pack.

Material: High quality BPA-free Eastman Tritan plastic.

The cap is leak-free, but not suitable for storing carbonated drinks.

The bottles are lightweight so you can carry them all day without any trouble.

They are dishwasher safe, and can be used to store liquids in a temperature range from -10 °C to +90 °C.

All the EQUA bottles are BPA-free! Why is this important?

BPA is a harmful chemical that can be found in traditional water bottles. BPA can react with the stored drink, that can lead to several health problems such as hormonal disorders, allergies and even prostate or breast cancer.

Sadly many BPA-free bottles contain BPS in replacement, which is just as bad as BPA. In contrast Equa doesn't use any of these. In the Eastman Tritan plastic no bishphenols are used, nor any materials with hormonal activity. This means that third party laboratories tested them and the results show they won't interfere with hormones.

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Environmental information


Recyclable PP plastic. Please recycle!

Environmental advantages:

Reusable and recyclable plastic bottle, that is free from BPA, it saves huge amount of plastic waste compared to diposable bottled water and soft drinks.