Cibi Reusable Waterproof Snack Bag - Blue with white dots

Cibi Reusable Waterproof Snack Bag - Blue with white dotsCibi Reusable Waterproof Snack Bag - Blue with white dots

This waterproof snack bag is excellent for fruit wedges, nuts, seeds, cookies and other snacks.

Cotton outside, food-safe waterproof inside.

The bag closes with zippers.

Easy to wash: just wipe with a wet cloth or throw it in the washing machine.

Manufacturer: Cibi
Made in: Hungary
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Product description

Why use the Cibi Snack Bag?


...IS ECO-FRIENDLY: replaces single-use disposable packagings.
...ALWAYS COMES IN HANDY. Fill it with anything non-perishable, like crackers, nuts and seeds and throw it in your bag. Whenever the children get hungry on the go it will save you from buying overpriced prepackaged snacks.
...IS DURABLE: It is made of strong materials, so it will be your loyal friend for a long time.
...IS EASY TO CLEAN:  Wipe with a wet cloth or throw it in the washing machine.
...DOESN'T TAKE UP MUCH SPACE: It is lightweight and small in volume compared to boxes.
...stylish, beautiful, unique, joyful! Cibi.

For YOU:

- Who loves our home Planet Earth, and who is fed up with wasting resources by throwing away plastic bags, disposable wraps, aluminum foil.
- Who is packing food for their children everyday.
- Who brings sandwiches for lunch to work.
- Who is looking for a perfect - meaning practial, high-quality, unique - present and doesn't want to give useless clutter.​
- Who likes hand-made designer products.
- Who loves to go on adventures, and bring delicious food with yourself.
- Who is open-minded and seeks out new zero waste options.


- Fill it with delicious healthy food! It is waterproof so you don't have to worry about spilling!​
- After use get rid of the crumbs, and if there's a small spillage rinse or wipe with a wet cloth!
- If that's not enough throw it in the washing machine and wash on 30°C.
- Reuse! ;)

How it works:

Size: 18x13 cm

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More information

Material: cotton outside, PUL inside.

Environmental information


Package-free product.

Environmental advantages:

Zero waste solution, an alternative for disposable plastic bags, wrappers and aluminium foil. This saves a huge amount of resources.