Swing Bottle with Stopper - 1 L

Swing Bottle with Stopper - 1 LSwing Bottle with Stopper - 1 L

This one liter bottle is excellent for zero waste grocery shopping: oil, milk, and other liquids.

You can also store cordial, home made milk alternatives, and other drinks in it.

Say goodbye to the plastic taste that plastic bottles give to your drinks!

Manufacturer: Bormioli Rocco
Made in: Italy
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Product description

The color of the stoppers varies!

Buying milk or oil in bulk? Searching for a plastic-free bottle for your home-made vegan milk?

In a zero waste home glass bottles are a must have: juices, cordials, canned tomato, wine etc. No plastic aftertaste like when you use plastic bottles!

You can also use it as a waterbottle!

Airtight, strong, high-quality glass bottle, the product of the Italian Bormioli Rocco.

Rustic design, with a square bottom. Beutiful on the table or shelf. 

Washing: Machine washable after removing the metal and rubber parts.

In case of shipping, the stopper is taken off.

How to place the stopper? Watch this video! :)

Weight: 0,6 kg

Volume: 1 liter

Height: 31.5 cm

On the bottom: 8x8 cm square.

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Environmental information


Package free product.

Environmental advantages:

Reusable, plastic free and zero waste product for storing and canning bevareges, and for buying in bulk. The bottle is made in Europe.

Glass bottle
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