Cotton handkerchief - man

Cotton handkerchief - manCotton handkerchief - man

Zero-waste alternative of disposable paper facial tissues!

100% cotton handkerchiefs with  different colors and patterns! The image is for illustration purposes only!

Made in: Czech Republic
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Those who go against globalization and mainstream consumer culture by biking, eating local, etc., can do so by choosing handkerchiefs too!
When paper tissues become popular, cotton handkerchiefs began to be old fashioned products. But this is something that should change, because they have huge environmental impact on their own, which gets worse if we count the packages too.
On the contrary, textile handkerchiefs are durable, even our grandchildren can use them, if take good care of them. For washing we recommend eco-friendly detergents like soapnuts and washing soda.
No more pieces of paper all over your clothes, if you forgot to empty your pockets! :)
100% cotton, patterned handkerchief. (I. class)

Why choose cotton handkerchiefs?

- they are cheaper
- more eco-friendly
- gentler on the nose
- more practical
- and way cooler!

I. class product

Size: 45x45 cm

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Environmental information


Package-free product.

Environmental advantages:

100% cotton, durable product. Eco-friendly and waste-free alternative to disposable paper tissues.