Loyalty program

Commiting to a green lifestyle is easier than ever!

We created a loyalty program for our customers with immadiate discounts. The discount is deducted according to the sum of your purchases at Ecoizm.com in the past 5 years! Our goal with this loyalty program is to make commiting to a green lifestyle easier for you!

The rules of the loyalty program are clear and simple. The system adds up all your completed orders without the shipping fees. This way we will reward you for your past purchases as well as the future ones. :)

The discount is automatically computed from the total sum of orders in the last 5 years, as shown below:

Total sum of purchases in the last 5 years Discount
1 - 299 EUR 1 %
300 - 599 EUR  2 %
600 - 999 EUR 3 %
1000 - 1499 EUR 4 %
more than 1599 EUR 5 %

Only registered customers can take part in the loyalty program.

The loyalty program discounts start from the second order.

The loyalty program discounts cannot be combined with other discounts. Törzsvásárlói kedvezményünk érvényesítése nem összevonható más kedvezményekkel! (Pl. TVE kártya)