12+ Products that Help You Cut Waste

The zero waste movement is getting more and more popular, which is great news for the environment and us in it! Want to join in? Read our tips!

Of course zero waste is about less stuff, but there are some products, that can make it much easier to start the journey and stay on track:

1.Canvas bags

Canvas bag with bottom

EU citizens use an average of 198 single use plastic bags a year. You could save a significant amount if you would carry canvas bags with you at all times. At some places like farmer’s markets and bulk shops, it is incredibly easy to skip all packaging, while in other places you can say no to the single use plastic bag in which most people carry the goods home. The wide variety of canvas products at Ecoizm will help you find a solution to anything, be it a large bag for produce, lunch bags to school or work, or small pouches for nuts and seeds. You can even find recycled denim shopping bags, which are even better environmentally, because they are made of thrown away jeans.


2.Reusable water bottle

Equa bottle

The other common enemy of a clean environment that can be easily avoided is PET water bottles. If your tap water is safe to drink, there is no reason why you should spend money on bottled water. And it goes without saying how bad soft drinks are for your health. Many studies also indicate, that besides the ingredients of these drinks, there are harmful chemicals that can leach into the water from plastic bottles too. Our recommendation: Make your own lemonade, juice, tea, or infused water with herbs and fruits, or just bring plain tap water with you in an Equa bottle! Equa has BPA-free plastic and glass bottles with beautiful designs.

3.Replaceable head toothbrush

Brush heads for replacable head toothbrush - biodegradable

Dentists recommend to get a new toothbrush every 3 months: which means approximately 300 in a lifetime. Cut that waste by only replacing the head of your toothbrush! The handles can also be used to attach other oral care items on them such as a tongue cleaner or an interdental brush!

4.Washable diapers & baby wipes

Csimota washable fitted cloth diaper

Washable diapers are a great way to reduce waste: an average child uses 4-6000 diapers until being potty trained, which equals to approximately 1 ton of non-degradable material on the landfills. And trash reduction is not the only advantage of cloth nappies! They are also less likely to cause diaper rash, and they are way cheaper on the long run. Confused how to use them? Read our Cloth Diapering Guide! Another item that most people find necessary for diapering is wet wipes. But most of those are full of chemicals, that you don't want anywhere near your baby's bottom! Make your own solution in a spraying bottle, and use reusable wipes instead of disposable! You can use a 1:2 ratio of water and an organic carrier oil like almond or jojoba. Pour it in a spraying bottle, and shake well before every use. Spray it on the reusable wipe, and use just like the disposable ones.

5.Old fashioned razors


Extrasol Solingen straight razor

Traditional shaving with a safety or straight razor, shaving brush and soap creates the fraction of the waste compared to shaving with disposable razors and shaving foams or gels. Nowadays many men are rediscovering the ritual of traditional shaving. Why? According to the New York Times „mostly it’s because a new demographic has discovered that low-tech is both cheaper in the long run (the initial investment is higher, but replacement blades cost pennies), less painful and arguably more satisfying, since it requires a bit more technique.” Don’t be fooled by prejudice, these aren’t reserved for men only, women are using them too! Buy high-quality, traditional steel razors that stand the test of time! Use natural shaving soaps with shaving brush to prepare the skin. Soaps need way less packaging, and last longer than shaving gels with greenhouse gas propellants.

6.Reusable menstrual products

Emilla washable menstrual pads


Most feminine hygiene products are made of large quantities of nondegradable plastics, that have huge environmental impact, considering that a woman throws away approximately 10000 tampons and pads in her lifetime. Additionally, there is research about harmful chemical residues in them. This is why we offer durable, reusable options: menstrual cups and reusable pads. These products will save you huge amounts of money and garbage. The Ladycup is made of medical silicone, and you can use it for up to 12 hours, without worrying about Toxic Shock Syndrome. Emilla cloth pads are comfortable, they have lovely patterns, and can be washed in a machine. Reusable pads and menstrual cups are also great when combined together! To store them comfortably while away, buy a practical and cute wetbag for them.


7.Reusable face wipes and handkerchiefs

Emilla reusable face wipe kit with bag


Follow the advice of Trash is for tossers, and use coconut oil as a makeup remover with reusable face wipes! About the piles of paper tissues: who wants to empty the trash bin full of tissues when suffering from a cold? Stock up on handkerchiefs and never buy paper again! They won’t chafe your nose so much, and you will save trees!

8.Bar soap and shampoo bar


Olivia Coffee-orange soap

You can ditch the plastic bottles of shower gels and shampoos if you choose bar soap and shampoo bars instead. Soaps last longer and have no liquid in them, so they take up less space and are lighter, which means the transportation requires less energy and have lower carbon footprint. Also it's the cheapest way to cut SLS and SLAS out of your life.




Composter bin from recycled plastic

Organic matter makes up 30-35% of municipal waste! That means you could reduce your waste by a third, and make valuable soil fertilizer from it at the same time! From small kitchen composters, to big garden ones, you will find the right composter for your needs in our online store! If you want to find out how composting works, read our article!

10.Recycling bins


Recobin SLIM – in-home recycling bin

A practical set of recycling bins can help you to make a habit of recycling the remaining waste that you couldn’t reduce. For example Recobin is an excellent choice, because it is made of recycled paper cardboard, which can be recycled again at the and of its life, and in the meantime, you can use it with a practical reusable cloth trash bag.

11.Recycled products


Recycled denim bean bag chair with nikecell fill

If materials are used again to make new, useful products, that means less stuff in the landfills! So whenever you need to buy a product, consider if it has a recycled alternative. Many of the items in our everyday life can be made from reclaimed materials: toilet paper, paper towels, all kinds of paper products and office supply, clothing accessories, slippers, bean bags, composters, recycling bins and trash bags, doormats, rag rugs, oven mitts, pot holders, seat cushions. Choose your household items wisely, and keep trash out of the landfills!


12. Seeds to sprout or grow your own food

Organic seeds - Tomato - Matina

It is probably not a surprise for you, that a tomato that you grow won’t have any packaging J. The same way a tiny paper packet of sprouting seeds will make a huge batch of sprouts, that you could otherwise get in big plastic boxes. And while you are at it: use recycled and biodegradable planting pots! You cut down on the fossil fuel used to transport vegetables, and eat the produce in its freshest form. It is also a fun activity to plant or sprout seeds! Why not try?


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