15 New Year resolution tips - for a greener future!

Do you have any resolutions for the upcoming year? Would you like to do something for the environment? We collected some ideas to help you!

Luckily, more and more people think that the NYE resolutions should include at least one about the environment. If you are one of them, and you would like to do something against the waste piles, plastic islands, smoggy urban air or for the protection of wildlife, here is your chance!

We collected some tips, that can help you green your everyday life. There are more easy and advanced tasks, feel free to choose any of them!  

1. I take my own canvas bag or basket when I go shopping!

A well folded canvas bag or a smaller net bag fits into any bags or backpacks. If you keep it with you all the time, you have taken a large step to prevent plastic waste! Think about it, how many bags you would otherwise bring home during the course of a year!

2. I avoid plastic bags!

Of course, it can happen that they are necessary, but usually they are not needed. There are several vegetables and fruits that you can put directly in your shopping bag. You can even put the sticker on your bag or on the fruit or vegetable. Even items from the shop or the bakery can make it to your home in a functional little drawstring or net bag.

3. I avoid using PET bottles!

The plastic bottles are among the most frequent - hence avoidable - plastic waste. Most of these end up in the bins during the summer. It is not necessary to waste such an inportant resource, as mineral oil on producing single use plastic. Bring your own bottle - and you will even look stylish with it! Whenever you see the Refill sign, you can even ask the staff to fill your bottle with tap water.



4. I recycle!

Maybe this one is the easiest green resolution. But do not forget, that recycling is not only about the classical materials, such as glass, metal, plastic and paper! In most places you can also recycle hazardous, electric and enectronic waste. Check the possibilities at the local waste management company! Also, buy items made of recycled materials - to make recycling companies worth recycling your waste! And a golden rule: the best is to prevent waste, this helps save resources that would have been used at production and recycling!

5. I travel greener!

Transportation is part of our everyday life. It does matter how we take these shorter or longer distances! If there is a chance, choose public transport instead of your car. If you prefer the car, try carsharing (eg. BlaBlaCar, Oszkár - the Hungarian carsharing site), or you can link family or friends (eg. one week one family, the next week the other family transports the kids to school, sport class, etc.).



6. I bike or walk more!

Walking and cycling are the most environment-friendly transport methods. It is not only good for the environment but also to your wallet and your health! First you can try smaller distances, later you can gradually switch to walking in total, or combine it with bike, publc transport. If you travel from a longer distance, check P+R parking options at the nearest transport options!

7. I use more eco-friendly stationary products!

If you work in an office, you can do a lot by switching to reycled, durable and recyclable stationary items. There are many options available! Check the options and lead them into use!

8. I compost!

It is practical, useful and also money-saving method to handle your organic waste. You can try indoor composting, find a nearby open compost or setting up your own compost at the garden! The nutritious organic waste from the kitchen and the garden should not be wasted at the landfill or the incineration plant! This way the nutritions get back to nature and offer a free, local fertilizer.



9. I take care of the birds!

If you have a garden, these little creatures offer you not only fun, and company, but also a very useful work of cleaning your garden from pests! If you let birds find hiding and nesting place by creating some bird-friendly areas, provide some food and most importantly, water for them, you will get a lot of help in return. You can find some tips here!

10. I start to grow some food for myself!

Nothing is tastier than the vegetable grown in your own garden or balcony! In addition to this, if you grow some of your food, you can make sure these are free from any chemicals! For a start you can try easier plants, such as tomato, beetroot, lettuce, zucchini, herbs. Later you can try a broader range of plants. Check the best practices for ecological food growing, enjoy healthy, tasty fruits and vegetables!

11. I cook from local, seasonal materials!

It seems normal nowadays to get the same vegetables and fruits each season, and import from several other countries is a must. However, you need a huge amount of extra resources and chemicals to grow anything outside its season. I  addition to this, making food travel through continents has a footprint of its own. If you use local, mainly seasonal ingredients, you can make a huge impact not only on the environment, but also on the economical stability of your immediate surroundings!



12. I do the Meat free Mondays challenge!

The intensive meat production has a terrible effect on the environment, as this requires huge areas of land, water and other natural resources. If you are a meat-eater, but you do as much as one meat free day a week, you already make an impact. If you discover many great recipes, you can include more meat free days.

13. I use natural detergents!

The most chemicals in an average household can be found among the detergents, cleansing products. If you switch to natural detergents, you both help nature and yourself. Less harmful chemicals enter the body through breathing and skin contact. As an extra feature, you even save money!

14. I learn more!

There are so many ways to protect and help the environment! You can find a lot of information if checking the internet, books, and other sources of information, to get more practical ideas about a greener lifestyle on an everyday basis. Read, learn, experiment! Learn about the problems and be part of the solution!

15. I volunteer!

There are several organizations both on local, national and international level, that take volunteers. If you would like to try how you can help the environment, check the opportunities available around you! This is a great experiment and you also get to know many cool people with similar mindset! Support the goals that are important for you!


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