Pass back your old mobile phones!

From now on you can find the old mobile recycling bins in both Zöldbolt stores as part of the campaign by Jane Goodall institute Hungary.

Bring your old, unused mobile phones (it does not matter whether the phone works or not) to stores in Budapest and Veszprém, find the dedicated box, and just drop in!

Phone accessories (batteries, chargers) can also be thrown into the box.



Why is it important to have phones recycled? 
Your phone has valuable materials inside! The mineral called coltan is mined in Africa, at the natural habitat of chimpanzees and gorillas amongst other endangered species. Jane Goodall Institute wishes to stop this process, and they collect used mobile phones for recycling.

Check the message from Jane Goodall about phone recycling. 

What happens to your phone? 

The batteries are recycled in Hungary, so it is removed from the phones right after their arrival to the center. After grating they are recycled in a melting furnace at 1300°C temperature.

Other parts of the phone travel to Belgium, where the harder to retreive metals are taken out of it. Approximately 60 different types of metal are used for mobile phone production - 17 of those can be recycled in the Umicore factory, which is using the most advanced technology. You can read more here.

Where can you find our store?


Where are the other recycling boxes?

The list of the points is updated regularly by the Jane Goodall Institute in this album and on the map you can see below.

Of course you can also apply for a collecting box in Hungary. For that contact Jane Goodall Institute.

(Check phone collection points - or find the map in bigger resolution here.



Pass it back!

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