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Monapel cloth diapers and Nandu baby carriers.



We have a 15 year experience: we promote baby carriers, and the physical and psychological benefits of babywearing, and also eco-friendly diapering and nursing. The Monapel nappies are outstanding eco-friendly diapers: diaper insides and covers, training diapers, swimming diapers, disposable diaper inserts and nursing accessories.

Hundreds of parents (among them us) are testing the reliability and quality of our products every day. Thanks to constant development and the active contribution of our partners, our products are modern, satisfying every need. When we chose the materials, we were putting an emphasis on finding local producers.

We offer manufacturer's guarantee on Monapel and Nandu products. The manufacturer guarantee is an assurence of the quality of the product.

Ecoizm is a wholesale distributer of Monapel diapers and Nandu carriers.

If you want to be our reseller, email us at info (at) ecoizm (dot) com !

More info for future resellers here!

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- 15Nandu ECO Mei Tai baby carrierNandu ECO Mei Tai baby carrier
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- 20Nandu ECO Premium woven wrapNandu ECO Premium woven wrap
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