Nandu ECO Premium woven wrap

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Nandu ECO Premium woven wrapNandu ECO Premium woven wrap

The wrap slings are the most versatile and the most cuddling carriers. The tie-wrap baby sling is a long, woven piece of cloth which can be worn and tied in 16 different ways, and in which you may carry a new-born, toddler or elder child comfortably according to its age (the age of 3-4).

Nandu ECO Premium slings are made of 100% cotton ECO thread with ECO yarn. Thinner, so it is easier to tie, skin-frienddly, baby-friendly.

Manufacturer: Monapel
Made in: Hungary
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Product description

For front wearing, and those who aren't experienced we recommend the size LL. Smaller ones are for back wearing, or more experienced.

The set includes a bag to carry the carrier with you, and an instruction about safe wearing. Watch this video about tieing:

This is the most hugging, and versatile carrier of all.

Eco-Tex Standard 100 certified I. group thread, and Eco-Tex Standard 100 yarn for sewing. The material isn't treated

The goal of Eco-Tex Standard 100 to produce fabrics that are impeccable human ecologically. The I. group is for newborns and toddlers (2 years old).

Cross twill woven, that is recommended for this internationally. It doesn't strech lengthwise and broadways, but it is flexible crosswise.

Nandu sizes:
Width: 70 cm

Nandu sling length:

S (3,80m)
M (4m)
L (4,20m)
XL (4,40m)
XXL (4,60m)
LL (5,20m)
XLL (5,70m)

How can your Nandu wrap sling help you?

You can find a label in the middle of the wrap sling. The upper hem is sew double at ECO Premium wrap sling for your helping. Nandu baby slings are manufactured in various sizes. You can easily choose the appropriate size by using our size chart.

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Environmental information


Recyclable PP plastic. Please recycle!

Environmental advantages:

100% natural material baby carrier sling. It is an eco-friendly alternative to baby pushchairs and strollers, and it also promotes attachment between the parent and the baby.