Nandu ECO Mei Tai baby carrier

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Nandu ECO Mei Tai baby carrierNandu ECO Mei Tai baby carrier
Nandu ECO Mei Tai baby carrierNandu ECO Mei Tai baby carrier
The ECO Mei Tai is a traditional baby carrier of Asian origin that has recently been rediscovered and made more comfortable. We can attach the Mei Tai by a padded waistband, and after inserting the baby, we can tie the carrier with the padded shoulder bands, adapted to the size of the baby.
The Eco Mei Tai ensure the anatomically proper posture, supports the legs, allows the proper spreader position, and does not flatten the baby’s back. The baby fits us perfectly while babywearing, and is supported and surrounded by the carrier evenly everywhere.
The Mei Tai is a practical baby carrier for those, who like to use cuddly tie slings for short or long term carrying or longer walks.


Manufacturer: Monapel
Made in: Hungary
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Product description

Sizes: The Baby Mei Tai can be used from the age of 1–3 months until 1.5 years, while the Mei Tai is recommended from the age of about 4–6 months until the child is carried in a babywearing equipment, until the age of 3–4.

It is recommended for front, hip and back carrying.

Special properties: The wide straps distribute the baby’s weight evenly. The carrier puts part of the weight on the waist, lessening the load on the shoulders and back.

Components*: 100% cotton, inner: 100% polyester, 100% polyurethane

Cleaning: Follow the instructions indicated on the sewn-in label. Ma- chine wash, cold. For the Mei Tai, low speed centrifuge is recommended.

* ECO certified component

Important information about babywearing

The most important aspect to keep in mind is to place the baby in the sling in a position that allows her to have a 2 fingers wide space between her chin and her chest!


Tightly, by supporting the baby’s back all around; the baby carrier should reach from the back of one knee to the other. The knees are high, the pelvis should face inwards and downwards. The spine should be convex, just like in the foetal pose.


Anatomically, for the formation of the hip joints, the best for the baby is to have her legs spread in a 90 degrees angle in the carrier. Viewed from the front, the legs should form an M shape. The stems of the letter M are the legs, the middle is the baby’s bottom. The legs should not hang, and they should not be in a split position, either. We shall find a position that is comfortable for the baby.


The knot shall be so tight that when we lean forward, the baby does not lift off from our body. The right height for the baby is to have her head and inch (a few centimetres) under our chin.


We can babywear from the moment our baby was born. We recommend carrying the baby in an upright position.

Safety information

The baby should always face the carrier person’s body when placed in the carrier. Always check the tightness of the knot and the bond!

The sling or carrier should always reach at least up to the armpit of the baby. If the baby does not hold her head on her own, the carrier must support the nape or the middle of the head as well!

Prevent any objects from getting in front of the baby’s nose or mouth that could block the airways!

When travelling, always use a seat that suits the vehicle!

On public transport, always be aware of the placement of the baby, and pay attention to her safety as well!

While wearing your baby, do not carry out life-threatening or sudden movements!

Pay special attention to the child’s safety around hot or sharp objects!

The manufacturer of the baby carrier is not responsible for any accident that may happen while you wear your baby in the carrier!

For professional advice, you may contact the Nandu manufacturer advi- sor or a babywearing advisor.

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Environmental information


Recyclable PP plastic. Please recycle!

Environmental advantages:

100% natural material baby carrier sling. It is an eco-friendly alternative to baby pushchairs and strollers, and it also promotes attachment between the parent and the baby.