LOGI-VÁR wooden building block set

LOGI-VÁR wooden building block setLOGI-VÁR wooden building block set

86 piece, natural, wooden building blocks. Contains 5 different details, that can build up endless variations of buildings and 3D structures.

Made in: Hungary
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Product description

Unique qualities of LOGI-VÁR wooden toy:

  • 86 piece natural wood, 5 different shapes. 3 different length trees, 2 small and 2 large firewall piece.
  • Skill building toy, the 3 tree size are compatible with each other, the pieces can be attached randomly.
  • Easy to use, because doesn't contain any doors, windows, so children who start out not so skillful or patient, can  experience success, and develop further.
  • The slipping is inhibited by dovetailing, so the structures are much more solid, than traditional building blocks.

Building tips and tricks:

The trees of the Logi-Vár set are proportional copies of the original trees, and you can join them just like in real wooden houses. Roof building can be desinged also multiple ways. Smaller ones usually start out with flat roof, then they learn how to model span-roofs too.

We recommend looking for pictures of LOGI-VÁR building variations for inspiration. Then after practicing building from pictures, the children can develop their own building technology.

These pieces are also good for creating vehicles. Best designs can be the decor of the room, or developed further.

Accessories can vary from pencils, to rubber bands and corks. If you have plastic or wooden animal figures, you can build your own farm model with this.

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Environmental information


Recyclable paper and plastic foil. Please recycle after use!

Environmental advantages:

100% natural material, wooden blocks.

Raising Green Kids

Raising Green Kids

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