Petit Lulu Newborn Cover with velcro - green

Petit Lulu Newborn Cover with velcro - greenPetit Lulu Newborn Cover with velcro - green
Petit Lulu Newborn Cover with velcro - greenPetit Lulu Newborn Cover with velcro - greenPetit Lulu Newborn Cover with velcro - green

Waterproof  but breathable cover / wrap for newborn babies (2 – 6 kg according to child’s proportions).

Can be adjusted to child’s size by Hook & Loop fastening. The Hook & Loop is underlaid by second PUL layer for its better performance.

The fleece hems are very sensitive to child’s legs and tummy – no marks on the skin. The fleece is also a great insulator – no leaking.

These covers have medium-wide shape and are suitable for Petit Lulu newborn nappies, one-size nappies at the smallest size or folded Petit Lulu SIO basic, but can also be combined with squares, prefolds, or inserts by other brands.

Manufacturer: Petit Lulu
Made in: Czech Republic
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Product description

Material: 100% polyester (laminated with polyurethane), fleece hem.


Learn more about maintenance by clicking on More information.

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More information

How to Maintain Petit Lulu Nappies (general information, check product names)

1. Washing and first time use

Wash before first use to remove any residues from production process.

It may take 6 – 10 washes to reach the bamboo’s maximum absorbency. So don’t be surprised at the beginning – it will improve along the way.

Wash at 60°C. Lower temperatures won’t fully destroy the ammonia.

No bleach, no softener. WARNING : Read carefully ingredients of your washing detergent.  

It is not necessary to make any special soap slime – standard baby washing detergent is good enough. We do not recommend using eco-friendly detergents – they often cannot sufficiently wash the ammonia out.

Do not overload your washing machine or the nappies won’t get washed and rinsed sufficiently.

Adjust the washing detergent dosage according to your water hardness (overdose causes clogging of the Hook & Loop).

The Covers should not be spin-dried at more than 1 000 RPM.

2. Drying

Line-drying is the ideal way as the sun sanitises and bleach out any remaining stains. Place the inner side of the nappy facing the sun. If you leave the insert snapped-in, you will save one pin.

Tumble drying, if necessary, is ONLY possible at LOW , but is not recommended as it will definitely shorten the nappy lifespan – perishing of the elastics, tears in the outer printed material. However, you must not tumble dry the Covers, Minimal Nappies and Changing Mats. Always remember, that you should treat the PUL material in the same way as for example your softshell jacket.

Drying on heater is ONLY possible for Inserts, Boosters and Prefolds. The heat would damage the waterproof PUL layer of Covers, Minimal Nappies and Changing Mats. In case of Birth to Potty & Newborn Nappies, SIO basics, the elastics would get loose. Remember, that if you dry on heater too often, the nappies will get hard and rough.

3. Storing of Dirty Nappies

Store in definitely dry pail (bowl, bucket, etc.) – no soaking! Soaking destroys the bamboo fiber.

Use flushable or fleece liners (placed in between the nappy and baby’s bottom) for easy disposal of solids and protection of the nappy from unwashable stains.

Do not store dirty nappies for too many days. They should be washed in 2-3 days maximum.

Keep the pail clean!

4. Various Tips&Warnings

When washing, fasten the Hook & Loops into the counterparts that are hidden under the nappy “ears” (the hooks won’t collect dirt nor tear the threads off).

Always wash and dry the Birth to Potty Nappy and Covers with the snaps undone (i.e. at the maximum size).

When line-drying the Birth to Potty Nappies, they should hang from the nappy “head” (where the long loop band is) to prevent them from twisting.

Remember, that especially for Covers, Minimal Nappies and Changing Mats the machine washing is more gentle than hand washing! By rubbing in hands, the PUL layer gets damaged. Again : you should treat the PUL material in the same way as for example your softshell jacket.

Always undo the snaps very carefully by placing your fingers as close as possible to the snap, or the snaps will tear-off or the material around the snap will get torn. This mechanical damage is not claimable.

Environmental information


No packaging. Necessary information are on a paper sheet wrapped in the product.

Environmental advantages:

Small scale produced washable diaper. Cloth diapers are long-lasting, economical, and eco-friendly products, that can serve many children. By using these, you save huge amounts of waste, in contrast of disposable diapers.