PoPoLiNi disposable paper nappy liner

PoPoLiNi disposable paper nappy linerPoPoLiNi disposable paper nappy liner

Disposable paper nappy liner, natural fibrous material (viscose).
100 sheets (24cm x 35cm).

For weaning babies.

From 23 g/m2 paper.

Manufacturer: Popolini
Made in: Germany
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Product description

Protects your nappy from stool,
soft and gentle to your baby´s skin
Can also used as cleansing tissue

Material: Viscose

About Popolini:

Popolini is a long-standing Austrian baby textile producer, that produces their washable diapers in Tiszalök, Hungary. Popolini was the first to manufacture safe baby textile in Europe. They develop their products permanently based on several years of experience.

They use carefully selected skin-friendly materials in their textiles, that meet the requirements of highest environmental protocol: only uses cotton from certified organic farming, and every textile meets the Ökotest Standard 100 Klasse 1 (for small children) regulation.

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Environmental information

Package-free product.
Environmental advantages:
Small scale produced washable diaper. Cloth diapers are long-lasting, economical, and eco-friendly products, that can serve many children. By using these, you save huge amounts of waste, in contrast of disposable diapers.