Popolini EasyFree 3in1 nappy – ecru

Popolini EasyFree 3in1 nappy – ecruPopolini EasyFree 3in1 nappy – ecru

Easy to use 3 in 1 nappy, made of organic cotton

Complex nappy system, contains the liquid-absorbent part and the waterproof parts, so it can be immediately put on the baby.

The bellyband fixes the diaper on the tally and offers a one hand w-free option, also makes EC easier. It is also useful in the potty training period.

Manufacturer: Popolini
Made in: Hungary
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L size (9-15 kg)M size (5-10 kg)S size (2,5-5 kg)
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Product description

The Popolini EasyFree 3in1 nappy consists of four parts:

  1. Cotton pant with velcro to the back.
  2. Waterproof pouch: keeps wetness inside the diaper and prevents leaking.
  3. Liner: double soaker pad can be fixed in the pouch with snaps. Provides a pocket for additional inserts (not included). 
  4. W-free-bellyband: the bellyband fixes the diaper on the tally and offers a one hand w-free option. With this pant you can easily open the diaper while holding the baby over the sink or the toilet. It also makes EC (elimination communication) or potty training easier. 

Advantages of the EasyFree:

- slim fitting diaper
- very easy to use
- less laundry
- for daytime use or for w-free babies
- perfect fit in 3 sizes
- absorbancy variable (just add boosters, if necessary)
- as easy to put on as disposable nappies
- perfect diaper for nursery or grandparents
- fashonable and beautiful


  • S size: 2,5-5 kg
  • M size: 5-10 kg
  • L size: 9-15 kg.


Pant: 100% Organic Cotton
Pouch: 100% PUL
Liner: Core 50% Polyester, 50% Viscose, Outer fabric: 100% Organic cotton

Washing guide:

Pant: washable at 40°,
Pouch: washable at 60°,
Liner: washable at 95°

Please wash liners at least 3 times before first use, to make sure they reach the ideal absorbency.

Clean peed diapers by removing the liner (and insert, if added), and wiping the pouch with a wet cloth, so it can be reused together with the outer pant.

If the nappy contains poo, it is usually enough to wash only the liner (and insert, if added) and the pouch. The outside pant usually has to be washed only by the time it gets dirty from the outside.

Make sure you wash the outer pants inside out, with closed velcro!

Introductory video about the nappy:

Sewn in Hungary. :)

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Environmental information


Recyclable paper and PP plastic. Please recycle!

Environmental advantages:

Small scale produced washable diaper. Cloth diapers are long-lasting, economical, and eco-friendly products, that can serve many children. By using these, you save huge amounts of waste, in contrast of disposable diapers.