Drawstring Lace Produce Bags

Drawstring Lace Produce BagsDrawstring Lace Produce Bags
Drawstring Lace Produce BagsDrawstring Lace Produce BagsDrawstring Lace Produce Bags

Buying in bulk? Carrying snacks? Throw into these drawstring lace bags! ;)

Reusable, durable and zero waste alternative of plasitc bags.

These bags are lighter and more transparent than canvas bags, so when shopping in a grocery store, you can pack multiple items inside, the cashier can still check the content easily.

Take a couple of these with you all the time, and prevent waste!

The bags are made of the leftovers of curtain and shirt production. Instead of entering the incineration plant or the landfill as waste these textile pieces get a new life as long lasting grocery bags.

Made in: Hungary
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large (~34x38 cm)medium (~22x34 cm)small (~22x25 cm)
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Product description

Washable shopping bag made of cotton (shirt production leftovers) and poliester (curtain production leftovers).

Since the bags are made of leftover textiles, the actual pieces might differ from the picture.

The drawstring lace bags are a staple in any zero waste home. They'll help you buy and carry home various products without the use of any plastic.

Choose the size according to what produce you're buying in bulk!

The small size is ideal for smaller quantities of dried fruit, nuts and seeds, while the larger ones are excellent for vegetable, fruit, pasta and legumes.

If you want to avoid any contamination, you can put labels or decorate the bags, to help deciding which to use for what.

Many worry what the cashiers will say if you use your own produce bags instead of the plastic bags found in supermarket aisles. We say from our experience, that the feedback is mostly positive or neutral. Try it in every shop you go to, as this will spread knowledge about phenomenon, and more and more shops will know about this new need of eco-conscious customers. If any question is raised, go with a simple answer of why you find this important! It may very well result in winning a new person or an entire company to the zero waste movement! Let's spread the plastic free revolution! ;)


small 22x25 cm
medium 22x34 cm
large 34x38 cm

The weight and the material of the bags are different for each piece as these bags are made of leftover textile pieces.

one side: cotton (shirt production leftover material)
other side: polyesther (curtain production leftover material)

We recommend washing these bags on lower temperatures, 30 or 40°C, using lighter centrifugation or by putting the bags in a washing bag in order to protect the lace material from eventual zips or velcro on other clothes. Since the bags are made of processed textile, no shrinking to be expected after washing.

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More information

The produce bags are sewn in a Hungarian manufactury, using leftover textile pieces.

Environmental information


Package-free product.

Environmental advantages:

Drawstring lace bags made of old curtains and leftover textile pieces. It saves huge amounts of plastic waste if you use this instead of disposable plastic bags.