Cibi Bread bag - coral

Cibi Bread bag - coralCibi Bread bag - coral
Cibi Bread bag - coralCibi Bread bag - coralCibi Bread bag - coralCibi Bread bag - coral

Bread bag that keeps your bakery products fresh! It keeps bakery products fresh the same way as a plastic bag would but it does not mold as the innner layer is made of breathing PUL material.

Outside 100% cotton, inside waterproof but breathing PUL.

Handmade in Hungary. Ethically produced.

Manufacturer: Cibi
Made in: Hungary
Packaging: 1 pc
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Product description

You can keep your bread and bakery products fresh and mold-free in this bag. This way you can prevent using disposable plastic bags to keep your bakery products fresh.

There are some alternative ideas from the producer for the multiple uses of the bag, but you can easily continue the list with your own ideas:

  • filled bakery products
  • fruits, vegetables, snacks 
  • jars, if you are not sure whether the jar closes properly, e.g. when going for zerowaste shopping
  • dirty clothes
  • wet swimsuits, swimming clothes and accessories
  • beach, rafting: to protect your valuables from water (still, as the zip is not waterproof, do not let your mobile float to the bottom of the lake in the wetbag)

Size: 29 x 50 cm

Cleaning: You can easily clean it by pouring crust out of it. Also, you can turn it inside out and wipe it off with a cloth, for example, after putting some filled baked goods inside. If necessary, handwash in lukewarm water, or machine wash it at 30°C.

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Environmental information


Package-free product.

Environmental advantages:

Zero waste solution, an alternative for disposable plastic bags, but still keeps your bread fresh and mold-free - no food waste either. This saves a huge amount of resources.