Traditional enamelled food container - 3 layers (2 shallow pots, 1 high pot)

Traditional enamelled food container - 3 layers (2 shallow pots, 1 high pot)Traditional enamelled food container - 3 layers (2 shallow pots, 1 high pot)

3 tier round container.

Consists of traditional enamelled pots, made in Bonyhád, Hungary. The pots have a well-closing plastic lid.

Durable, reusable product that helps you cut down waste, ideal for zero-waste lifestyle.

After removing the lid, you can use it on the stove or in the oven, and wash it in the dishwasher, just like any enamelled pot.

Made in: Hungary
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Product description

Made of high-quality food safe stainless steel. 

Three-tier-container with fake leather bag 

This durable product is a perfect choice for carrying lunch from home or taking away from a restaurant. 

You can use the containers separately as well, as they are functional enamelled pots.

  • We recommend cleaning it with gentle eco-friendly dishwashing liquid, and try to avoid those tools or detergents that can cause scratches on the surface. To clean more resistant dirt from the container, we recommend either fiber dishwashing brush or a coconut coir washing-up brush


Pots: enamelled steel

Bag: fake leather

Lids: PE



  • pots: 16 cm


  • shallow pots: 1,25 L
  • high pot: 2 L

The full set size:

  • height: 28 cm
  • width:20X22 cm

Weight: cc. 1,8 kg

Do not use in a microwave oven!

The pots without lid are washable in a dishwasher.

Do not put the lids into the dishwasher, because they can loose their shape due to the high temperature!

Wash the bag with handwash only, with soap, in lukewarm water.

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Environmental information


Recyclable paper. Please recycle after use!

Environmental advantages:

Durable, plastic-free and reusable lunchbox made of enamelled steel pots with PE lid in a practical fake leather bag. You can avoid single use plastic boxes, and get your take-away food in this container. You can also use each container as a pot in your household.