Fido Glass Jar with Clamp Top Lid - 125 ml

Fido Glass Jar with Clamp Top Lid - 125 mlFido Glass Jar with Clamp Top Lid - 125 ml
Fido Glass Jar with Clamp Top Lid - 125 mlFido Glass Jar with Clamp Top Lid - 125 mlFido Glass Jar with Clamp Top Lid - 125 mlFido Glass Jar with Clamp Top Lid - 125 ml

This clamp lid jar is excellent for zero waste households: canning, food storage, organization and buying in bulk.

Fido jars have airtight bail and seal closures to hermetically keep out any air and moisture.

From freezer to countertop, use them for dry, fresh, leftover foods.

They are also great as gift containers for home-made delicacies.

Manufacturer: Bormioli Rocco
Made in: Italy
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Product description

Buying in bulk? In need of a practical storage container for the kithcen or bathroom? Preserving fruit, veggies and sauces?

In a zero waste home, clamp lid jars are a must have!

- Zero waste snacks: carry snacks in your bag, so you won't need to buy overpriced, wasteful snack packs when getting hungry on the go. Yoghurt with granola, hummus, veggie and fruit wedges, nuts and seeds. 
- Container for your DIY beauty products: 
Make your own body butter, deodorant or toothpaste!
- Buying in bulk: Buy spreads, cheese, butter, veggie patés, and more in this little jar.
- Canning fruit, veggies and more.
- Gifts: edible gifts are the best when you don't want to increase unnecessary clutter! Just make some homemade hazelnut spread, candy, cookies etc, and fill a jar with it. When it becomes empty it will become a useful accessory.

Airtight, strong glass jar with metal clamp, and rubber gasket. High quality product from the Italian Bormioli Rocco.

With Fido jars you can use many traditional canning techniques: salt, alcohol, vinegar, and any other preserving method that doesn't require subsequent boiling. The metal clamp and rubber gasket makes it optimal for preserving. It is resistent to acidic food.

Cleaning: We recommend hand-wash with a gentle dish soap, without the use of any abrasives. You can also put it in the dishwasher on a gentle cycle up to 50°C, but remove the gasket. We also recommend you to remove any metal parts too. To ensure a long lifetime, don't soak metal parts for a long time, and keep it in a dry place.

Weight: 0,32 kg

Volume: 1,25 dl

Height: 7,1 cm

Diameter: 8,3 cm

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Environmental information


Package-free product with paper label. Please recycle after use!

Environmental advantages:

Reusable, plastic free and zero waste solution for storing food, and to use at bulk grocery shopping. The jars are made in Europe.

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