Vegan Milker - Veggie Drinks Maker (ChufaMix)

Vegan Milker - Veggie Drinks Maker (ChufaMix)Vegan Milker - Veggie Drinks Maker (ChufaMix)
Vegan Milker - Veggie Drinks Maker (ChufaMix)Vegan Milker - Veggie Drinks Maker (ChufaMix)Vegan Milker - Veggie Drinks Maker (ChufaMix)Vegan Milker - Veggie Drinks Maker (ChufaMix)Vegan Milker - Veggie Drinks Maker (ChufaMix)

Are you lactose intolerant? Do you live a vegan lifestyle? ... or you simply fancy vegetable milks?

Make your own plant based milk from raw seeds, cereals, vegetables! Choose healthy, fresh vegetable milks over the packaged from the grocery store!

Made in: Spain
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ChufaMix® is the first product to make drinks fro nuts, cereals, seeds and herbs.

ChufaMix® is the easiest and fastest way to create your own plant milk, and it also preserves valuable nutrients and taste.

Nutmilks: almond, hazelnut, walnut, peanut, chestnut, nutsedge, cashew, pistachio, pine bud, macadamia, etc.

Cereal milks: oat, rice, spelt, millet, etc.

Seed milks: quinoa, sesame seed, hemp seed, pumpkin seed, sunflower seed, watermelon seed.

Soymilk and others.

Suitable for GAPS diet fiber-free drinks!


Preparing time of the plant milk: 1-5 minute.

The return time of the price: 1-2 month.

Vegetable milks are more and more available at grocery stores, but most of them are overpriced and packed with additives.

But you can make your own milks at home! Without this product, homemade milks are difficult and time-consuming to make: several times of boiling and filtering, and makes a mess in the kitchen.

But we know now that vegetable milks can be made within a minute! With ChufaMix®, you will only need a hand blender, water, and the base of your choice.

Pour the water in the dish, and the base in the filter. Start mixing with the hand blender, and the milk is ready in 1 minute! Take out the filter liner, squeeze out the residual liquid, and drink it naturally or flavoured. Stre in the fridge.

ChufaMix® has four parts: a tank, a filter, a tamping bar and a lid. Chufa mix doesn't contain the hand blender!

It is free from BPA, formaldehide, PVC, bakelite, halogenes, etc.


2 years manufacturer warranty!

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Environmental information


Paper box. Please recycle after use!

Environmental advantages:

More and more people drink vegetable milks, because of various reasons: health, food-intolerance, or veganism. The vegetable milks in grocery stores are packaged and contain additives, so it is a healthy and eco-friendly alternative to make your own milks at home.

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