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Biola Organic Cosmetics LTD. Dr. Konopka's Neobio
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BDIH Made in Hungary NaTrue Not tested on animals Organic Vegan

Choose natural skin care products to make sure that the ingredients truly care for your skin!

We offer a wide range of all-natural body lotions, moisturizers, face cleansers, eye creams, scrubs, masks, hand balms, foot creams, massage oils and flower waters. You will find a chemical free alternative to all your beauty products!

For more information read our article: Toxic Beauty Ingredients to Avoid

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Biola Organic Rose TonicBiola Organic Rose Tonic
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€8,9 €8,9/pc(s)
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Biola Organic Stellaria tonicBiola Organic Stellaria tonic
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€7,9 €7,9/pc(s)
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Neobio 3 in 1 Micellar Water with organic mint and sea saltNeobio 3 in 1 Micellar Water with organic mint and sea salt
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€4,1 €4,1/pc(s)
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