Where is my order?

Our registered users can follow up the status of their order under the 'Previous orders' menu. This menu is only available when you are logged in! You can see one of these order statuses:

New order: We received your order, and we are currently packing it up. The package will be on its way soon according to your chosen delivery type.

Money transfer information sent: In case of choosing paying in advance. We packed your order and sent you the money transfer information. When the payment arrives, we will send your package.

Payment received: In case of choosing paying in advance. Your transfer arrived, we will send the package on the given workday at the given address or if you chose personal takeover, we will notify you that the order is receivable at our shop.

Restocking in progress: We will notify you if one or more item from your order needs more time to deliver due to restocking.

Order passed to courier service: We passed your order to the courier of Sprinter Kft. or DPD.

Order sent to Pick Pack Pont: We passed your order to the collegaue of Lapker Zrt., and it will arrive to the chosen Pick Pack Pont in 4 workdays. You will get an email from Lapker Zrt. when your package is receivable at the Pick Pack Pont.

Order receivable in Budapest: Your package is ready to pick up in our store in Budapest.

Order receivable in Veszprém: Your package is ready to pick up in our store in Veszprém.

Order receivable in Székesfehérvár: Your package is ready to pick up in our partner's store in Székesfehérvár.

Completed order: Your order has been received, the ordering process successfully finished.

Cancelled order: We deleted your order upon your request.

Unsuccessful order: You haven't picked up your order, so it was shipped back to us.