Be our reseller

There is a growing demand for ecological products all around the globe. The world is changing, so don't fall behind! offers an exceptionally wide range of green products, that is also available for distributors. Broaden your supply with eco-friendly items from us!

Our own product lines:

ZÖLDBOLT - our own line of  eco-friendly cleaning supply and food

  • citric acid

  • washing soda

  • baking soda

  • sodium percarbonate (stain removing salt)

  • soapnut shell


ECOIZM - our brand of water efficient products

  • laundry perfumes

  • water efficient aerators

  • other water saving accessories 

We are the Hungarian importer / wholesale partner of these brands:

BIOLA organic and natural cosmetics

BoHo natural, cruelty-free make-up

- Bokashi Organko indoor composter

Emilla washable hygienic pads and other zero-waste products

Hydrophil natural bamboo toothbrushes and other low-waste products

LoofCo plastic-free sponges and brushes

Redecker dishwasing brush with a replacable head and other natural brushes

Original Stadelmann aroma blends for childcare and natural healthcare

- Vegan Milker for home made plant based milk

- And other producers.

How to register as a reseller:

If you are interested in becoming our reseller and you would like to see the reseller discount prices, you have to complete two easy steps: 

1. Register on our website: During registration provide your billing address, delivery address and your tax ID (or EU tax ID if you have one).

2. Notify us about your registration and apply for the reseller discount. Please, make sure you send the email from the same email address that you registered on the website.

After these steps are completed, we change your profile to reseller login, and confirm this in email. After that you can see all the discounts automatically, by clicking on any product. The discount differs from brand to brand.

If you have a valid EU tax ID, all prices will appear Ex VAT. If you do not have an EU tax ID, you will see the prices with Hungarian VAT included.

After login to your reseller profile you can freely download and use all product photos without the watermark.

Shipping conditions:

We only ship to EU member countries. Please, check shipping conditions.

If you would like to become our reseller from a non-EU country, or if you would like to order in a bigger quantity (over 30 kg) we can provide EXW shipping from Veszprém, Hungary.

Contact us for more information and the up-to-date price list on this email adress: info (at) ecoizm (dot) com !


Best regards,

Nikoletta Pácza

Sales Manager