Eco Garantie

For wool and delicate clothes
750 ml Germany
Eco labels
100% biodegradable Eco & frugal Eco Garantie Low waste Palm oil free Vegan

Ecogarantie is a Belgian organic certification. Since 2005, they developed a unique set of specifications, which are reviewed each year, for ecological products from personal care to washing products. Products – and only those products – which meet the Ecogarantie standards can bear the label. The presence of the label on the packaging confirms the independent control of the ecological character of the goods. The specifications developed by Ecogarantie are based on the principles of social, economical, and ecological sustainability, the respect for the delicate balance between plants, animals and humans, consumers’ expectations. Ingredients and manufacturing methods of Ecogarantie products have to meet a number of criteria on these fields.

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