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Der Blaue Engel FSC Recycled

Producing each ton of paper requires 417 cubic metres of water, 1.7 tons of wood, 717 kWh energy and other additives. In contrast the manufacturing of grey or brown colored (and more eye-appealing if you ask us) recycled paper only needs 100 cubic metres of water, 1150 kilograms  black-and-white paper and 300kWh energy.

Save trees, energy and water by using recycled copy paper!

Other tips:

1. Consider if printing is really necessary or not!

2. Set smaller margins!

3. Use both sides for printing, or take notes on the other side!

4. Use smaller fonts!

5. Print two pages on one side of the paper, this way you can print 4 pages on a single sheet!

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Copy paper A/4 - recycled, 60 bright (500 sheets)Copy paper A/4 - recycled, 60 bright (500 sheets)
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