Were you ever thinking about the future of old bike tires, disfunctional bike pieces?

Well, if they are lucky enought to end up at Felvarrom (meaning "I'll stitch it up"), they turn into unique, stylish belts, wallets, coin purse or some other cool product!

"You find history here. Every belt, bag or purse has scratches, patches, even skids. They had life, saw smiles, tears, broken bones and sunny cruising. That's why we love to work with them, transform a little past to a new opportinuty and joy.

We collect used bicycle parts and materials from individuals, local bike shops and services, sort and clean them one-by-one. We are resolute in keeping our whole making process sustainable and environmental-friendly. For cleaning bio-degradable substances are used. Remaining materials are also dealt with eco-consciously, deposited selectively at the proper dump. 

By buying our products, you help to reduce environmental pollution."

László Szabó, Felvarrom founder and CEO

Felvarrom is collecting disfunctional or disposed bike parts and accessories since 2008. They manually clean, sort and reshape each piece. Between 2008 and 2015 they upcycled 24,678 inner tubes, 19,399 tyres and 18,738 metal pieces and thus saved them from the bin.
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