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Old Blue Redecker
Germany Hungary
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100% biodegradable Low waste Made in Hungary Recycled Vegan Zero packaging

Old Blue -  Recycling denim clothing.

Old Blue is an exemplary enterprise in Veszprém. They buy second-hand jeans and manufacture a variety of denim-based products from them.

First the jeans are sorted, then the good quality pieces are sold in the second-hand store of the company. The pieces that are really worn are "dismantled" with precision, that is the useful parts are cut out, the pockets, belts are unpicked, also the zipper is cut out. After that, the sticthing of the different products begin, and part of that work is done by disabled people.

"Approximately one billion jeans are thrown out in the world per year. Our goal is to recycle as much of this amount as possible."

Go, Old Blue! :-)

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Old Blue Recycled denim doormatOld Blue Recycled denim doormat
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Old Blue Recycled denim rag rugOld Blue Recycled denim rag rug
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Redecker door stopper - hedgehogRedecker door stopper - hedgehog
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