Zerowaste grocery shopping flashmob in 18 Hungarian cities

On 18 May zerowaste flashmobs will be held in 18 market halls and farmer markets in Hungary.

Packaging free May campaign is here again - organized by JÖN Alapítvány (Eco-generation of the Future Fundation). The goal of the campaign is to raise awareness and popularize zero waste grocery shopping, showing, that you can easily make your average grocery shopping while refusing the unnecessary plastic packaging. The campaing is especially using the tools of social media and other online platforms. The country-wide Zerowaste grocery shopping flashmob was held at two locations last year, while this year organizers applied from 18 different cities and villages! 


Are you interested?

The flashmob will be definitely organized in the following cites:

  • Budapest - Vásárcsarnok (Fővám tér)
  • Cegléd - Belvárosi Piac
  • Debrecen - Nagy piac
  • Esztergom - Simor János utcai piac
  • Gárdony - Vásárcsarnok
  • Győr - Piac
  • Kaposvár - Nagypiac
  • Kecskemét Piac (Budai út)
  • Miskolc - Búza téri piac
  • Pécs
  • Sümeg
  • Szatyor Vásár (Ásványráró)
  • Szeged - Mars Téri Piac
  • Szombathely - Piac
  • Vác - Központi piac

You can find the list of the events by clicking here, on the website of JÖN Alapítvány by clicking here. Clicking there on the name of your city you will see the facebook event of your local group.

You cannot join but you are interested?

Join the Package free May campaign: Take a photo of your zerowaste shopping and post it with the hashtag #hulladéknélkül on instagram and facebook. This way you can demonstrate how easy it is to shop without unnecessary packaging, and you might also influence your friends by doing so!


How the flashmob will look like:

All local events start at the same time: on 18 May, at 10 AM.

  • Gather from 9:30 AM on the spot.
  • Participate in the photoshoot at 10:00 AM.
  • Wear a green T-shirt.
  • Each participant will receive a canvas bag with the logo of the event.
  • Everybody is doing their shopping on their own. You can additionally bring your own drawstring bags, jars, whatever you find necessary to complete your shopping while refusing needless plastic packaging.
  • These are bottom-up events, without any personal interest.
  • The event is until 11:00 AM when participants gather for one more photo with their zerowaste groceries.


This article is based on the article published by Hulladékvadá here.

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