No one needs bile in their soap - if cows could talk, they would surely agree. And seriously, what the hell is petroleum doing in a dishwashing brush? Cleaning products, of all things, are often real dirtbags, ethically as well as ecologically. At NAIKED, we were always sure that there has to be another way - and we found one. Convince yourself!

Who actually said that you need deep pockets in order to live green and clean? No one at NAIKED for sure: With our cleaning tabs for bathrooms, floors, kitchens and glass, you can tidy your home and at the same time, make the world a little bit better for less than two Euros. Sure, you still have to clean up yourself, but with our strong cloths you can do that plastic-free and for a very reasonable price - no excuses allowed. And that is just the beginning, because we are convinced: Sustainability should not be a question of price.

When it comes to cleaning. What we do know instead: There is another way. A NAIKED cleaning tablet for instance replaces an entire plastic bottle, while our dish soap makes up for even two or three. And instead of trashing one plastic sponge after another, you can simply use our alternative made of loofah - which, by the way, feels a lot better in your hands anyway. This way, we can easily save more than 70 tons of plastic waste a year - together.

Our home port is Hamburg and no, we are not naked, but our products are almost.

NAIKED concentrates on the essential out of conviction. No gimmicks, no superfluous ingredients, no fillers like microplastics or other humbug that fills our pockets but is bad for you and the environment. We don’t want to do that. We’d rather stay naked.

What we want to achieve with this? The smallest possible ecological footprint. Switching to environmentally friendly products like ours is not a big extra effort, but an easy step towards sustainable living. And all this without having to pay fictional and unaffordable prices for products. A perfect fit, we would say. What do you say?

We are NAIKED by conviction. Full stop.

We live in times in which there should be no excuses for bad products, whether for you or our planet. None of us is perfect, but our goal is very clear: we want to reach for the ecological stars. With you. We want to keep improving our products and make every effort to ensure they are as sustainable, ecologically correct and simple as possible.

So just NAIKED.

It is and will remain important for us to be understandable and accessible for all people. Only together can we take the path to a greener future. So we’re taking you all with us! No matter whether you’re in your 17th semester of global environmental and sustainability studies, a business administration manager or a truck driver. In short – you don`t need to be a hippie to be NAIKED! Our mission is to provide our customers with products that are in no way inferior to conventional products in terms of function, without harming the environment, and that win you over with their aesthetics and affordable price.

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