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What are the greatest advantages of the cloth diapers?

Its moisture absorption is much better, than that of the disposable diapers, and it is easier to use. It is easy to put on the baby, and it fits well because of its unique tailoring. The diapers contain a highly absorbent inner lining, preventing the baby’s skin from getting wet, yet it maintains a wet layer sufficient for earlier potty training. According to statistics, children become potty trained later since the use of disposable diapers has become widespread.

Cloth nappies are made of thicker and more resistant material than disposables which keeps baby's legs spread in a better position, helping the hip joint to develop correctly. Contrary to popular belief, washing the diapers does not take too much time. They are easy to wash, they dry quickly and they do not take up much space when laid out to dry. Using textile diapers is much better for the baby’s skin as well. According to a study, the appearance of diaper rash has grown from 7.1% to 61% (Procter & Gamble study) since disposable diapers have become widespread. Another article mentions that among one month old babies who use disposable diapers, diaper rash is 54% frequent, and the percentage of serious cases is as high as 16 %. (Journal of Paediatrics Health Care 1 (1987): 26-34.)

Using washable diapers is good for our environment, too. According to statistics, one child uses 4-6 000 diapers until being potty trained, which means until the average age of 27 months. It means approximately 1 tonne of waste per child. This pile of waste degrades in more than one hundred years, and it also makes more pollutants while breaking down. At the same time, the production of disposable diapers itself is a burden for our environment.

Using washable diapers is economicalFrom the cost equivalent of 4 months’ worth disposable diapers, we can buy enough washable diapers that will last until the baby is potty trained. One might also use them along with disposable diapers, for example there are many parents, who use washable diapers at home, and use disposable diapers outside and on longer outings. It is worth having them at home in case one runs out of disposable diapers and the regular size and type is not available immediately.

Read our article to help you decide which type of cloth diaper is best for you and your baby!

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