Why Ecoizm is the best choice?

Carefully selected eco products

You will only find truly eco-friendly products in our store! Not convinced? Check the environmental information of each item, where you will find everything there is to know about the ecological advantages of the given product, and even the packaging information. For easier comparison, we added labels that tell you what are the best qualities of our products. You can find out more about the labels here.

Our mission is to share as much information as possible about our products, to help you make the best decision! We consider strict criteria before choosing to sell an item in our store. Click here to find out more about what we consider beforehand! Sometimes the best choice is not buying anything, so don't buy excess, not even from us ;)

Delivery within Europe

Our courier service will deliver your order anywhere in the European Union. Our contracted delivery company is DPD. Find out more about delivery times and prices here.

99% of items on stock

Before you buy a product you can check the stock information on its page. You will see that most of them are on stock. They need to be, as we have two stores, where we sell in person. The stock information is only for informative purposes, rare errors may occur.

Visit our shops

If you happen to live in Hungary, or traveling around here please visit our one of our shops! We have two stores in Hungary at the moment: one in Budapest, and one in Veszprém. 99% of our products are on stock all the time, so you can find most of them without ordering.  You can also order a package and pick it up in the stores for free.

There is another free delivery pickup point in Székesfehérvár, where we deliver once a week.

You can find the address, phone number and e-mail address for our stores here.

Pay by bank card or Paypal

Shopping at Ecoizm has never been easier! You can now pay online with your card, or use PayPal in our online store, which makes payments even safer and easier!
Find out more about payment options here.

Loyalty program

Our loyalty program makes green purchases easier for you by providing discounts after ordering from us.

The discount is automatically computed from the total sum of orders you have made since July 2012, as shown below:

Total sum of purchases Discount
1 - 299 EUR 1 %
300 - 599 EUR  2 %
600 - 999 EUR 3 %
1000 - 1499 EUR 4 %
more than 1599 EUR 5 %

Only registered customers can take part in the loyalty program.

The loyalty program discounts start from the second order.